Scary Movie 2

And the Wayans brothers promised they weren’t going to make a sequel!

Scary Movie 2But when the first one grossed 200 million, the studio put the screws on and, well, a brotha’s got to make a living I suppose.

Is Scary Movie 2 as good as the first one? No. It has the same gross-out level but lacks the rapid-fire delivery and instead of spoofing lots of movies focuses on the recent film The Haunting.

How these seven talented writers could have Andy Richter (Conan O’Brien’s cuddly ex-sidekick) and Chris Elliot at their disposal and still miss is beyond me. Marlon Brando’s cameo was cancelled at the last minute do to health problems, thus removing the only real reason to see this uninspired sequel. Unless, of course, you need a Tori Spelling fix.

Thinky says: Get a pizza and rent the first one instead.