Saving Grace

Brenda Blethyn plays a good-natured, middle-aged Cornish housewife who loses her philandering husband and finds out that he blew all of their savings and incurred massive amounts of debt.

Saving GraceWhat to do? How about team up with eccentric gardener Craig Ferguson and grow industrial amounts of sticky buds in the backyard to sell wholesale to London dealers?

This option not only pays for the mortgage, but also sets up all kinds of possibilities to spoof middle-class society and drug film tropes going back to Cheech and Chong. Unfortunately, old ladies getting stoned at a party isn’t all that funny anymore, and the lack of imagination behind this film can’t even be saved by some really sound acting.

Saving Grace is less a stoner movie for the Big Chill generation than one for the On Golden Pond generation, which may say some interesting things about society’s changing attitude towards drugs, but falls way short of making a truly entertaining film.

Thinky says: I think I’m stoned, but I’m not sure.