Galaxy Quest

First off, before I write this, in the interest of fairness, I suggest you read my Star Trek confession, just so you’ll know my views on the subject.

Galaxy QuestWhen I first saw the trailer for this movie, I had my doubts. I thought that ‘oh God, more people poking fun and something they don’t understand’ and debated whether I’d bother to see it.

But being basically weak-willed, I picked up a copy and could not stop laughing. Basically if you hate Star Trek, you’ll love Galaxy Quest. And if you love Star Trek, you’ll love Galaxy Quest plus get all the inside jokes.

It’s the story of the cast of a TV sci-fi series, their rivalries, temperaments and angst, with a meglomaniacle Capt. (Tim Allen), a Farah Fawcettish Sigourney Weaver, some Babylon 5‘ish alien, (played perfectly by Alan Rickman!) and my favorite, Guy #6, struggling from his demise in the original episode, who tags along when a pacifist alien race comes to Earth to enlist the help of the crew, whom they discovered from ‘historical documents’ they received with their advanced technologies, which they are enslaved to create for some pretty bad space dudes.

The laughs ensue in the play of the characters, and I guess you’ll just have to watch it to see if I’m biased or not…

Thinky says: Set the phasers on fun!