Dracula 2000

Don’t be fooled by the “Wes Craven Presents” above the title on the movie poster.

Dracula 2000Although he is credited as being an executive producer, the maestro’s involvement in this was strictly limited to bankrolling it, and it shows.

Like so many classic re-makes with years at the end of the title (think Godzilla 1984, think Blues Brothers 2000) you know it’s going to suck before you get your ticket stubbed.

Dracula 2000 does not disappoint this expectation. Real horror fans will be left aghast by the pin-up girl cast and the cheesy metal sound track. This lesbian-vampire flick hybrid ends up collapsing completely with the painful performances put in by a bunch of unknown acting seminar dropouts. With the religious undertones, this is a bad Anne Rice novel to be missed.

Thinky says: Don’t let them suck you dry.