Clerks (Uncensored)

Ah, the adventures of Kevin Smith’s Clerks.

DVD Clerks UncensoredSometimes in America, good things get done for the wrong reasons. Take for example the Clerks – The Animated Series Uncensored by Smith (who also did Chasing Amy and Dogma, and even plays the character Silent Bob).

This genius of a cartoon, I would dare say above the Simpsons and Southpark in intelligence levels, recieved much hype (a Superbowl roll-out), only to be killed after just 2 episodes aired (6 were made), on the whim of some corporate jerk, who didn’t even have the cajones to tell Smith beforehand.

But not to let good food go to waste, they’ve released the Clerks’ Uncensored video, which you can get for yourself and see what the world is missing.