3-IRON (aka Bin Jip)

With hardly any dialogue, 3-Iron shines nonetheless with it’s simple but poignant plot. Set in Korea, it starts with a guy who roams about aimlessly, living in people’s vacant homes.

3-IRON (aka Bin Jip)He is no thief – instead he repairs broken appliances and even washes his laundry when occupying the various houses. His life changes when he breaks into the home of a wealthy man.

There, he discovers a lady suffering silently under her abusive husband. The young lad frees her from her misery when he takes her with him as he continues to live out of others’ homes. 3-Iron is a rare gem of a movie. Quite unlike most typical soppy Korean films, this one manages to break free from the usual mould and works magic.

The down-to-earth non-extravagant cinematography seems to work seamlessly here. Might be a tad deeper than your usual Saturday night movie, but then again, it’s meant to make you think.