Pokémon: The Movie 2000

If you want to understand the modern world – to say nothing of the modern Japanese soul – you need to watch a couple of hours of Pokemon cartoons.

PokemonThat this once proud warrior nation which fought so valiantly against Western imperialism is now churning out disturbingly bizarre kiddy gimmicks – and their eminently sellable plastic spin-off products – is in a sense the story of our times.

If you aren’t familiar with the Pokemon phenomenon, here it is in a nutshell: these weird little cute animal monster things fight each other in a never ending battle of Good versus Evil. They are guided by human trainers, and each have special powers and weapons.

The story lines tend to be circular and are often impossible to follow, full of child-like weirdness, as if the Tele-Tubbies were cartoons and violent and Japanese. In Pokemon – The Movie 2000, the second Pokemon film, a villainous Pokemon (pronounced ‘poh-kee-mon’) collector is trying to capture a rare Pokemon called Lugia.

The world is threatened and saved thanks to cutesy wutesy Pokemons Misty, Tracy and Melody. This is a very good one, or, depending on your psychic politics, a very bad one to drop acid to.

Thinky says: Teaches a valuable lesson about cooperation, and shows a variety of Pokemon in their natural settings.