One Night at McCool’s

This sex-comedy starring Liv Tyler, Micheal Douglas, Matt Dillon, Paul Reiser, and John Goodman could be worth checking out if you appreciate a movie that doesn’t try to do too much and ends up getting a lot accomplished anyway.

One Night at McCool'sOr if you want to see Liv Tyler walk around the entire time like an absolute sex goddess, slow motion, mouth slightly open, soaping up a car in tight shorts and white t-shirt.

The premise is, all these guys played by the above-mentioned actors are all after Liv Tyler’s character and driving hard to the hoop, and what Liv wants, practical girl, is a fat-ass house with a central fireplace and a DVD.

One Night at McCool’s is of a screwball bent, something like There’s Something About Mary with some ultra-violence thrown in via the tuopee’d hitman played by Michael Douglas, but what could have been some real edgy, funny stuff is made gaggingly sweet by the oh-so-huggable neurosis of Paul Reiser.

If you’ve ever been able to sit through five minute’s of Mad about You without puking then you may still be able to enjoy this film. Paul Reiser is unfortunately the main comedic agent of this film, totally wasting the comedic talent of Matt Dillon, but of course most people will go to see Liv soap up her jugglies.

Thinky says: Keep it in your pants. Perv.