Kevin and Perry Go Large

British Thinkateers may be familiar with the teevee characters upon which the film is based, but for continental Euros and norte americanos, some of the references will play like a Saturday Night Live spin-off in Quatar.

Kevin and Perry Go LargeNonetheless, Kevin & Perry Go Large is a universally funny movie with props – Ibiza, boobs, boogers, boners, records, retards, zits, and ziti – that are equally accessible to all.

Just as Guy Ritchie wanted to show that the UK has gun-toting mean people too (uh-huh, roight), the makers of Kevin and Perry want to show the world that they can make post-Python gross-out body humor for the global market as good as that fink Brit-mocking Canadian Michael Myers.

And they can.

This story of two geeks on Pleasure Island in search of fame and tang is, as the Sunday Telegraph might say, “uproarious.” Not only can they bomb Iraq with US, but it seems the Brits can run with the Wayans brothers when it comes to dick jokes. Now let’s see them do a baseball movie.

Thinky says: Better than cricket, and under two quid mate!