Jurassic Park III

In the mood for a good B-movie matinee? To je tady (It is here).

Jurassic Park IIIEverybody’s favorite dinosaurs are back – with some new editions – in Jurassic Park III (check out the Widescreen Collector’s Edition), the Joe Johnston directed third installment of this never-ending story of computer generated prehistoric monsters chasing people around sparsely populated islands.

The story here is almost nonexistent, but you knew that. The action and effects are on par with the first two JP’s, but by now seem less exciting and a lot less surprising. There are some genuinely horrific scenes, like when a person is attacked by a flock of baby Pteranodons, so if you bring along the little Thinkers be sure they are ready for it. How much do you want to bet that IV takes place in New York City?

Thinky says: Personally I’d rather play the Jurassic Park video game at the arcade.