Sigourny Weaver be lookin’ good yo.

HeartbreakersAfter all the Alien movies it can be easy to forget that she originally came up in the late-seventies as a sort of Cybil Shepard sex bomb.

In Heartbreakers she puts down the flamethrower and puts on the make-up to play the senior partner in a mother-daughter team of swindlers. The daughter is played by the ever vapid Jennifer Love Hewitt, who moves in sweetly for the kill once her mom has gotten her manicured fingers into the old men’s bank accounts. You go girls!

Gene Hackman and Ray Liotta have roles that set their careers back a few steps, but not as far as those of the leading ladies, whose deeper involvement with this painfully unfunny attempt to re-do Dirty Rotten Scoundrels should cause them to be contrite at least as long as it takes this one to very briefly appear in theaters near you.

Thinky says: Rated PG-Lameteen. May include scenes resulting in wanting your money back.