Before any pathetic hetero male Thinkers run out to see this hoping to catch two hours of hot chicks grunt and pound each other in skimpy, sweaty rags, allow me to burst the bubble of expectation: there is only about twenty minutes worth of good chickfights.

GirlfightBut Girlfight is still worth seeing; in fact, it’s more worth seeing than 98% of the crap Hollywood dumps onto the global market these days.

This is a raw film about hard knocks in a tough Latino neighborhood; the characters are real and their problems – single motherhood, self-esteem, poverty – palpable. The script is good, as is the work of first time director and John Sayles protege Karyn Kusama, and first time actress Michelle Rodriguez. Running Bull meets Rocky for the riot grrl in all of us.

Thinky’s rating: Thank you Miss, may I have another?