Black Hawk Down

One of Ridley Scott’s best films. He had a bit of a dry period but now he’s bounced back with Black Hawk Down.

Black Hawk DownThe start of the film introduces us to Matt Eversman Spec. Grimes Pvt Blackburn and the rest of Task Force Rangers.

Their mission amongst others is to get Aidids top lieutenants and be back in 1 hour. Things go wrong as Supersix one and Supersix four are shot down over Mogedeshu, hence the titleĀ Black Hawk Down (the 3-Disc Deluxe Edition is the same price as the single, so go for it). The film is truly riveting and at some points unbearable to watch.

There’s none of the patriotic flag waving of Saving Private Ryan, this film shows what it’s like to be in a firefight. At some points the film is hard to follow, so if you want to truly understand what happened on Ocotober 3rd then read Mark Bowden’s great novel.

There is just one problem with the film which prevents me from giving it a 5 star rating. Why the hell does it have Sgt. Eversman as the main character when he never even went near the crash site, in fact he and his Chalk 4 went through hell in the lost convoy. Sadly Chalks 1,2,3 roles in the film are downsized when really they’re the ones who fought the battle… anyway’s, ignore my whining, this films is an instant classic.