From Hell

A few years ago when Thinky caught wind that From Hell (Z Pekla in Czech), an amazing graphic novel penned by one of the worlds most under-rated writers, Alan Moore, was going into production, he got a hard on.

From Hell (check out the Widescreen Edition) was shot in Prague a little under a year and with it now rounding up it’s theatrical release the film is definitely able to stand on its own. Directed by the Hughes Brothers, who made the brilliant Menace II Society and the piece of celluloid trash, Dead Presidents, Thinky was pleased with their chilling result.


Johnny Depp, whose been interested in the mystery surrounding Jack the Ripper since way back when, pulls in another bad ass performance as a Scotland Yard detective investigating the famed serial killer.

The rest of the cast was superb, and includes the motley lot that pops up in Prague without making asses of themselves, even when Heather Graham gets trashed at Radost FX. Regardless, solid support barrels in with the likes of Jason Flemyng, who plays the superbly creepy coach driver, and The Pope Must Die star Robbie Coltrane who fits right in his element amongst 19th century London setting.

Thinky ran into Matthew Stillman at a Stillking production party one night at Radost and was surprised to learn that while he had known that the production was millions under budget without sacrificing quality (directors hate that / producers love it!), that it was shot in Prague, but on a set that essentially was a mirror version of the circa late 1800s Whitechapel District in London built from the ground up!

The movie descends into the mystery that is Jack the Ripper in a manner that makes it devilishly intriguing. Entertainment lurking off somewhere in the dark that succeeds on levels making it worth your while.

Thinky says: O.J. was the Ripper.