Directed by Ivan Reitman, staring David Duchovny, Dan Aykroyd, Orlando Jones, Julianne Moore, Sarah Silverman, and Sean William Scott.


Ok, I don’t f*ckin’ get it. When did science fiction merge with goofball comedy, and wasn’t MiB bad enough to stop this genre forever? Apparently not.

Since we’re going there, at least the story line in intriging. So this space-ship lands on earth, life forms come out, they evolve at a rate ten-bjillion times faster than we do, and basically pave the way for totally wacky experimentation for the special effects crew to create all these weird f*cked animals, which I must admit they do very well.

Some of the creatures they come up with might be worth the price just by themselves, but the rest of the movie kind of detracts from their value. For one thing, the main vein of the comedy is anal-centred, which seemed hopelessly sophomoric. I mean, is the writing so bad that they had to resort to dick and fart jokes, or is it just that this is the kind of thing that most people want?

It could have been a lot better, but maybe it wasn’t meant to be. If you go for this goofy, sci-fi stuff, then this is a pretty good summer movie, and has some competent straight-man acting from Duchovny.

Thinky says: Watch Evolution if you simply must see a black man caught in alien sphincter.