Drowning Mona

Bette Midler and Danny DeVito are together again, sort of.

Drowning MonaIn Drowning Mona Midler plays a dead Mona who appears via flashback, while DeVito is the small town cop trying to find out whodunnit.

Fans of DeVito will be mildly pleased by his well casted performance, as will those of Midler if they aren’t completely annoyed by the spiteful b*tch she portrays. The jokes are almost too easy and come at the expense of small town stereotypes and imported Yugos (the cars, not the Serbs).

Critics have compared the film to Altman and the Coen Brothers, but this is surely indulgent. But one apsect hard to indulge is the performance of Casey Affleck (Ben’s brother), which is the opposite of good. Lots of characters and lots of plot turns and lots of medium-rare dialogue.

Thinky rating: An otherwise good gyros without enough chicken.