American Pie 2

American Pie 2

You’re invited to a big teen party and everyone’s coming – except Jim Lowenstein, who still can’t get laid.

He’s the kid who screwed the apple pie in the first one, remember? And tried to get down with the foreign exchange student from “Czechoslovakia”? The whole gang is back and apparently lost some edge in the 2 years since they hit it big.

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American Pie 2 – (go for the Unrated Widescreen Collector’s Edition) wants you to get nostalgic over the characters, forgetting that nobody cares at all about them and just wants some dick jokes with their popcorn.

Eugene Levy is back as Jim’s awkwardly supportive dad, and his role alone is worth seeing. Otherwise it just plods along kinda funny, but the way it tries to create an instant-party atmosphere and pull the viewer into it is sort of creepy, if not a bit sociopathic.

Thinky says: Slouching Towards Gomorrah. With moments.