Where The Heart Is

where the heart is movie reviewIt’s been called a white trash epic, but I don’t think it was as condescending to Middle America as some critics have alleged, and it sure as hell ain’t no epic. What it is is a somewhat mushy tale of love and growth etc. composed of solid performances by Star Wars babe Natalie Portman, Ashley Judd, Stocakard Channing, Sally Field and – my own favorite – Joan Cusack. So yeah, it’s a feminine tale, but bisexual enough to keep the X chromosones in the house. If you yearn for some slightly over the top Okie drawling, the fa├žade of a Wal-mart and a pick-up truck, and if you just want to relax, then by all means, go see Where the Heart Is.

Thinky’s rating: Bridges of Madison County on Rye.