Proof of Life

This State Department approved tale of faceless coca growing hijackers absconding with an American engineer is just in time for the Plan Columbia propaganda push.

Proof of Life

But mostly Proof of Life is just an action/thriller/romance about getting the Rich White Guy back into the arms of Rich White Lady Meg Ryan. Russel Crowe is hired out to bring the hostage home and as usual his performance is brilliant. Director Taylor Hackford does a fine job weaving the drama of both stories: Ryan working in Tecala while her husband struggles in the jungle to stay alive and return home.

Complications propel the story as he attempts an escape while Crowe and Ryan develop an emotional bond tinged with mutual attraction. The story builds to a riveting climax in the third act when Crowe and a fellow negotiator (David Caruso) plan a daring rescue attempt in the jungles of the Andes, which is pretty cool.

Thinky says: Got my blood pumping.